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The Internet today is not only a means but also a complete environment for the realization of all aspects of the traditional marketing mix: price ( price ), product ( product ), place of sales ( place ) and promotion ( promotion ). Every modern entrepreneur seeks to open virtual doors to their customers, and more and more people around the world are interested in this kind of trading.


We continuously hear around - contextual advertising, leads, optimization, SEO,digitalseo,  promotion in social networks, content management, usability, copywriting, web analytics, viral videos, but in fact, all these scary words are part of a whole, therefore just thinking about transferring your business online, you need to clearly know the answers to the questions: Internet marketing, what is it and why?


As already mentioned, the Internet has long ceased to be just a means of transmitting information ( media ), turning from a place for advertising to a full-fledged sales channel, which made it possible to achieve the fastest possible conversion or the transition of real customers.

If you’re on the Internet, you’ll get it.

If you’re on your own

Strategy definition
Generation traffic
Collection and analysis of information

If you’re working for a group of people, they’ve been driving; you’ll be getting potential buyers (lead) to purchase, "closing" transactions and ensuring repeat sales.

An internet marketer, in addition to Owning a wide range of Different tools for Conducting advertising campaigns and of PR the actions on the web, a must have "Analytical thinking", ie The the BE Able to Understand, the explain and use the data That IT Receives as with the an of result of the actions performed

It’s not a problem, but where it’s possible to make a difference. This is why it should be noted that the A complex approach

We’ve been able to make a decision on how to reap existing customers. Consider each of these stages in more detail.

Web strategy development

1. Analysis of demand and target audience
2. Study of competitors' offers
3. Site positioning
4. Marketing mix itself